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General Overview of EH&S

Basic data and tools

Creation of Phrase
Creation of Phrase sets
Creation of Phrase Library
Creation of Phrase Groups
Phrase set assignments
Master data match up
Value Assignment Types

Product Safety /Hazardous Substance

Specification Management
Phrase Management
EH&S Expert
Report Generation & Report Management
Material Safety Data Sheet Shipping
EH&S Web Interface (Portal)
Global Label Management
Substance Volume Tracking(SVT)
Life-Cycle Assessment
Ariel Staging and CED quarterly Updates
Customs Classification: Compliance Questionnaire
Workflow for Product Safety

Industrial Hygiene & Safety

Standard WWI
Incident/Accident -OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration ) Reports
Customized EHS WWI(Win Word Integrator)
Explain how to create general report template with WWI
IHS Information System
Safety Measures
Site Inspection

Waste Management

Waste Basic Data Management
Waste Disposal/Waste Inventory Management

Dangerous Goods Management

Introduction to DG Regulations and classifications
Dangerous Goods Master data management
Dangerous goods master filling and structure
DG Checks and DG documents